EVERYTHING IS PROVIDED ... You may bring your own mat  Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class start; no prebooking -  20 people per class                                                 

$12 per session; $10 students and senior citizens;  $POA private class; 

EFTPOS / CREDIT available; 3rd class each week is FREE  :)  

yoga forme studio is closed public holidays

If you are pregnant or have any medical conditions or injuries you must check with your health professional before you start any form of exercise including yoga  …before class starts, please talk to your yoga teacher as you may need to modify or avoid certain poses - do not do anything that causes pain 

"Our mats are where it all comes together,Where trembling meets stillness, Where not seeing anything brings everything into focus, Where our edges meet our possibilities and where a diverse group of people come together to move as one."  


TUESDAY & THURSDAY morning 9:30am;

MONDAY  & WEDNESDAY evening at 5:45pm  

For those who want to try or are new to yoga or are looking for foundation in postures.  This class offers a safe, gentle introduction to yoga.  Learn the basic yoga poses (called asanas) while receiving individualised attention.  Gradually increase your strength, flexibility and endurance, while you achieve alignment, balance and relaxation.  This class allows you to flow through into a general class.


MONDAY & SATURDAY morning 9:30am;

TUESDAY and THURSDAY evening 5:45pm

Level one and two yoga class suitable for those that have at least 3 months practice in alignment based yoga. Designed to support and create an atmosphere to question how you feel in the pose – modify it to your body and continue to grow in your yoga practice.


CHAIR YOGA – Wednesday 10:00am (10 students per class) 

Yoga done seated in a chair for those with hip, knee or back injury or difficulty getting up and down off the mat.  This class follows the weekly themed classes.  (COST $12 ADULT / $10 STUDENT or SENIOR)

PRIVATE YOGA SESSION (price on application – please contact Melissa 027 349 5168) 

One on one private session or for a group of up to four friends.  A private class allows you the time and space to refine postures, find form – alignment and discover your unique mind body yoga practice.  Bookings taken for Saturday morning at 11:30am or arrange a time with Melissa M 027 349 5168

SURYA NAMASKARA/Koha class – Equinox Class Sunday 24 March 2019 – 10 to 11 am

OPEN CLASS – DATE / TIME posted in yoga studio – entry by donation with each $1 given another donated to charity
“The world begins with the coming of light.” Erich Neuman (Jungian analyst).
A repetitive sequence of 8 postures moving with the breath to generate heat within the body to cleanse the mind-body.  This lends the sequence a meditative quality as you fire and ignite the body into its full range of movement balancing strength and firmness with flexibility and softness.

During holiday periods this programme is subject to change so please check facebook for any updates

Please contact Melissa on  M 027 349 5168 if you are wanting discuss which class will suit your specific needs.