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Food choice is a huge variable – up to 80% of what we eat impacts on our wellbeing.

Let me help you to look at the changes you want to make, how to find the start point and motivation and achieve sustainable changes towards wellbeing.

Find your passion, your motivation and ability to enhance your well being and live life well.

Hi.  My name is Melissa Eades.  I am a business owner, registered nurse, mentor, nutritionist, yoga teacher, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, dog walker, cook, housekeeper, events manager – the list could go on …but this list does not define me.  

I have studied yoga, nutrition and worked as a nurse in Primary Health over the last 25 years … I have overcome a host of ailments from living with coeliac disease to depression… this still does not define who I am.  

My unique skill set and background however enhances my ability to work at creating and surviving change … because everything changes.

Many of the people I work with are just like you and me – we are human we love to treat ourselves and we are unique there is no one programme or one pamphlet fits all.

YOU ARE UNIQUE – those three words are powerful and give you the start point for finding what will and what will not work for you.

Over weight, under weight, tired all the time, low energy, poor sleep, mood swings – step up and start towards a path of self discovery.  

The key is finding ‘me’ time and creating small sustainable changes for YOU – YOUR UNIQUE BODY.  

Let me help you create some steps and define your wellbeing.

Please contact Melissa for an appointment on 027 349 5168