life … everything changes.  Let me support you in your lifestyle and create positive change for wellness

Everyone can identify at least three things in their lifestyle they are wanting to change … better food, restorative rest, daily activity that does not leave you feeling tired strung out, …. more ‘me’ time.  

At yoga forme life let me help you find balance and live life well – our life consulting rooms are located centrally in the building with clinic time available on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon.

Hi my name is Melissa Eades and I have a unique skill set that can help on your path to wellness … with my 20 year background in primary health nursing, a post graduate study in Nutrition with Massey University and a huge passion and awareness of body structure and physiology; along with your commitment to choose life and wellbeing …. lets start today and create change

Contact Melissa for appointment in clinic 027 349 5168